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Employers with Entrepreneurial/Franchise Opportunities.

  • Some employers and franchise managers wish to publicize entrepreneurial opportunities to the students registered on our platform. These kinds of opportunities usually involve one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Offer no salary but, instead, offer students the opportunity to run their own businesses or franchises

  • Offer compensation that is based mostly on commission rather than a salary.

  • Require the payment of “up front” fees for training and/or materials to enable the student to start up his/her own business.

  • Charge the students penalties or fees for services if the franchisee decides to leave the program.

  • Many students run successful businesses through these opportunities, but there are those who incur unexpected liabilities and find themselves in debt. It is YOUR responsibility, and it is in your best interest, to research the organization, as well as to verify the terms and conditions of employment with the employer.